The Cry Of The Children By Elizabeth Barrett Browning Essay

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Charles Baudelaire wrote vivid and eclectic poems about the social afflictions affecting the societies in which they lived. Both poets are brilliant at painting vivid portraits for the readers with incredibly descriptive imagery and descriptive depictions. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “The Cry of the Children,” and Charles Baudelaire’s poem, “To the Reader,” are similar in the regard that they depict social afflictions affecting their society. It is important to note that those these poems are similar in this regard, the way the poets handle presenting these themes and elements differ immensely. The contrast in these poems are shown by the differences in societal afflictions, thematic elements, imagery, and the purposes of the poems themselves. The afflictions presented in Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s, “The Cry of the Children,” are those of the harsh labor conditions forced upon the children of industrial England. “The Cry of the Children” is a poem filled with depressing depictions of child cruelty forced upon the by corrupt political labor practices. Elizabeth describes these horrors and atrocities by writing through the mouths of babes and having the children semi-narrate their own feelings about death and life. The children in this poem see death as a respite from the harsh conditions in which they live and work. They welcome death as a time of rest from the hard work they are forced to do during their time on earth.…

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