Essay about The Constitution Of A Western World

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The United States, like many other countries have their own set of law, the constitution. Most of the laws prescribed in the constitution of a western world, like the United States, is influenced by the Roman & Greek law, and when read with scrutinizing eyes, an observer can see the implicit connection of the constitution of the present and the past. Furthermore, the founding fathers of the United States used Greek & Roman law to write down the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence hints at many Greek & Roman laws like the government structure, the democracy, habeas corpus, equality, and ostracism.
In the declaration of independence, the founding fathers laid out the structure of the government of the United States. All the legislative powers rests in the hands of the Congress. The Congress is divided into two sections, the House of Representatives, and a Senate. The executive powers will be held by the President of the United States. Similarly, the Roman empire had a similar government as well. Their government structure consisted of an Assembly, also known as Centuriate/Tribal, Senete, and Consuls. The citizens of Rome would gather at an assemgly and elect their consuls. The consuls carried on the tasks of governing the country. The consuls were not always able to handle all the tasks. Hence, they were supported by the Senete. The leading citizens of Rome were in the senate. The system of Government and the united States is very similar because the…

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