The Constitution And The Constitutional Convention Essay

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The American government we know today did not just appear out of nowhere, it developed over time and there were some errors, but it ultimately lead to what we have today. Today, our government is based off The Constitution, which has been in place for 200 years, but the framers did not get it right the first time, nor were the ideas used in it their own. The Constitution is a culmination of many factors, including ideas from renaissance philosophers, grievances against the king and England that lead to independence, and the failed government under The Articles of the Confederation. These factors along with the constitutional convention and ratification process molded and shaped our constitution and what is included in it to with stand 200 years with very few changes and amendments. This is an impressive feat that will be dissected to find out which factors had the most influence in creating the government that we enjoy today. Before the American colonies decided to rise up against England before any idea of independence or the need for a new government, renissance philosophers already began discussing the topic of different types of government. These philosepher’s ideas greatly influenced the framers and how they set up the constitution. The philosopher that influenced the framers most was Montesquieu. Montesquieu believed that main purpose of government was to maintain law and order, political liberty, and the property of the individual. He also opposed absolute monarchy…

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