Essay on The Colonization Of The West America

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Part A: Many countries colonization in new world, colonization is when a huge group of people move into a new land. For example, many Britain colonized North America in 1607. Along the North Carolina, the British first settlement was Jamestown (Digital History, 2014). England believed that North America would be a great place to expand. One of the reasons England wanted to colonize North America was because it would serve as a safeguard against Spain’s Catholic Church. Another reason was for the poor can do their part to contribute to the England’s economy (Digital History, 2014).
The settlers in Jamestown were under the leadership of the Captain John Smith. One of the laws that Captain Smith set was “no work, no food”. Another thing Captain Smith did was to trade with the Powhatan Indians for food. In 1609, Captain Smith was hurt and left back to England and did not return (History of Jamestown, n.d.). After Captain Smith leave North America the “starving time” began. During this time not only the starvation began, warfare also began between the colonists and the Indians. Many colonists died during this period. In 1610, supplies began to arrive at North America form the England at the prize of still being under the government of England. This help the colonists to become stronger and Jamestown began to grow (History of Jamestown, n.d.).

Part A 1: The Powhatan Indian people lived in the area where the British settled. At first the Powhatan people have pity on the…

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