The Clock ( 6 ) Essay

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Alaron Clock (6)

Your mother and I received this clock as a Christmas present from your maternal grandparents, Robert and Jean Brown, probably in the 1980s. Although it currently hangs on our living room wall, its design is such that it could stand on a shelf, table, or mantel.

Avon Christmas Plates (6)

This is your mothers set of seven Christmas plates from the mid-seventies and currently hangs on our dinette wall. Since Avon issued these plates as collector pieces for only seven years, the set is complete.

Awl and Thread (6)

This awl and spool of silk thread belonged to your paternal grandmother’s maternal grandfather, Anton Peterson and probably dates back to the early 1900s or even possibly the late 1800s. Anton had a reputation as a skilled leather worker and he used this awl and thread in that endeavor.

Blue Doily (6)

Your paternal grandmother, Dorothy Blomquist, invested countless hours handcrafting this intricate tatted doily and gave it to your mother and me in the 1970s. Although it is a beautiful example of her handiwork, it is soiled and needs a cleaning.

Boundary Waters Print (6)

This non-numbered print, which your mother and I purchased in the 1990s, hangs in the vestibule between the house and garage and reminds us of the Boundary Waters.

Cobalt Glass Vase (6)

This dark blue cobalt glass vase, adorned with an attractive floral design, was a wedding present for your mother from me. Because the manufacturing of cobalt glass ended when the…

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