The Civil War And The Wars Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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Since the beginning of time many governments have drafted individuals, mostly, men, whenever they needed larger military forces during wartime, than they felt they could get through voluntary enlistments. Although the United States has relied on all-volunteer military for most of its history, it was forced to draft men to fight the Civil War and the wars of the twentieth century (Ruschmann, Mandatory Military Service 10).Why people or nations would try to conquer and destroy each other baffles me.Over what to say the least. Can’t disputes be settled in a more reputable, civilized and non-violent manner? In (Mandatory Military Service 10) Paul Ruschmann ask the question “Who serves when not all serve? It seems to me that it’s always poor who does dirty work, putting themselves in harm’s way to make mighty dollar. Why would anyone in their right mind enlist in the military in the first place, putting themselves in harm or danger? Do they not realize that they could possibly die combat and never really enjoy freedom that is being fought for or the wealth or the incentives being offered to them? It is common knowledge that some people are more economically stable than others. Why would the elite enlist in the military, why should they? They can support themselves and their families so they are not pressed for cash so desperately that there’s a dire need to join the military. People with few opportunities in civilian life are more likely to enlist in the military and…

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