The Civil War And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Freedom and race have always been highly controversial topics within the United States. From the very beginning of our nation, our founding fathers wrote and fought in able to gain their freedom from England. Possibly the most influential of them being Thomas Jefferson after he wrote The Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was a wealthy land owner from Virginia, and he worked diligently to earn freedom for himself and his fellow countrymen. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have a man named Frederick Douglass. Douglass was born into slavery in 1817 but eventually became a free man as well as a famous author. One of the things that separated Douglass from other slaves was his ability to read and write. His writings quickly became famous around the United States and the rest of the world. Douglass lived through revolts that struck in Europe over slavery, as well as the Civil War and its reconstruction. He used the uprisings in Europe to help understand patterns of repression and that’s effects on a society. Cody Marrs wrote an article called “Frederick Douglass In 1848” in the American Literature Journal, describing the events that occurred. Speaking about Douglass, he said, “he used the revolts of 1848 to discern patterns of protest and repression in the crisis over slavery in the 1850s, in the ensuing Civil War, and in the rise and fall of Radical Reconstruction” (Marrs). After the life Frederick Douglass lived, he would have considered Thomas Jefferson and his…

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