The Civil Rights Museum Is Magnificent Essay

1146 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
The civil rights museum is magnificent. I love the fact the museum preserved the outside exactly the way it looked in April, 1968. There were cars parked in front of the motel to give a feel as if we were there on the day of his assassination and a wreath was placed where Dr. King was shot. When we got inside the museum there were posted scenes of slavery from the time it began to the time it ended. The museum was very organized with heavy security. In today’s society, I guess having enough security is very sufficient. I am thankful the tour guide, which kept on schedule and in fact they kept us from getting lost. The staff was wonderful, everything was explained about polices and regulations before the tour, so we would not be in any violations with camera usage and other devices. I tried wonder, but one of the staff members gladly told me that I was headed the wrong way. The exhibits seemed so real to the point where they brought tears to my eyes, and some of the exhibits brought a smile on my face because they were a sign of triumph. Each exhibit told a story, whether it was full of discrimination, oppression or prejudice or victory for human and civil rights.
The thing that was surprising to was the slogan I AM A MAN. This slogan was used to get the attention that sanitation workers needed equal jobs with equal pay. I thought this slogan was used for blacks to be recognized in this country as equals to any man. Another exhibit got my attention was the black jacket and…

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