The Cinderella Tale By Charles Perrault And The Grimm Brothers

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Throughout history, stories were used to convey a message to the audience. These stories reflected issues in society during their time. The Cinderella tale is one that may be as old as 5,000 years. Each version of the tale was influenced by the time in history that it was told or written down. Two popular versions of this tale were written by the Grimm Brothers in in 1634 and Charles Perrault in 1697. The two versions of the Cinderella story by Charles Perrault and the Grimm Brothers differ in the plot and its message to the audience.
The plots of the two different folktales of Cinderella differ in type of help the main character receives to overcome the obstacles and hardships in her life. In the version by Perrault, Cinderella is helped by her fairy godmother overcome hardships in her life. In the story, when she inquires whether she is able to attend the ball, her stepsisters tell her that she is not presentable and would be mocked by others. After the stepsisters leave for the ball, she cries about her misfortune. Her fairy godmother appears to her and helps her overcome the obstacles that prevent her from attending the ball. Her fairy godmother magically transforms her clothes and appearance to prevent her from being mocked and recognized by the stepmother and stepsisters. “Her godmother only just touched her with her wand, and , at the same instant, her clothes were turned into cloth of gold and silver, all best with jewels” (pg. 3). Animals and a pumpkin…

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