The Cherokee Nation : A Civilization Of Plight And Struggle Essay

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The history of the Cherokee nation proves that they are a civilization of plight and struggle. The Cherokee Native Americans, were one of the largest and most prominent tribes of all the Native Americans. The word Cherokee means “people of a different speech.” They spoke Iroquoian, because their ancestors were Iroquois. The land they lived on included valleys and Appalachian Mountains. The name the Cherokee 's had for themselves was Ani-yun-wiya which means, "real people." Before Christopher Columbus, or any white settles at all came to North America, the Cherokee people lived free. “Long before Christopher Columbus set foot in the ‘new world’ the Cherokee people were free to live and conduct their relations with each other and with other tribes as they saw fit” (Magyar 3). The Cherokee people resided in their homeland for hundreds of years, until the white suppression emerged. Suddenly suppression and eventually removal of the Cherokee nation happened. “With the emergence of foreign hegemony over Native soil followed the suppression and eventual removal of the Cherokee people from their homeland where they had resided for hundreds of years to a reserved area where they would be out of the way of white progression” (Magyar 3). Even though the Cherokee were an advanced people with written language and law, that had to fight a harrowing oppression from the white man. “The Cherokee had both written laws and a written constitution as early as 1827. Interestingly, they fought…

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