Essay on The Career Of A Professional Soccer Player

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Road To Greatness
I was always taught that soccer was to be about the love of the game and that it should be fun. Unfortunately, facing and overcoming many obstacles are part of the process to truly love the game for what it is worth. I have grown, worked hard, matured, and continued to love the game. The road to becoming a professional soccer player requires an individual to sometimes change lifestyles, mature as a person, obtain a specific education, and acquire skills in order to accomplish the ultimate goal. Change is always soon to come in the life of a soccer player. Whether it is a change in location or a change in your diet. When it comes to a change in location, this can vary from moving across the United States, moving across the world learning a second language. The diet change is more for the collegiate to professional athletes. Diet is an important key of an athlete’s everyday life. Proper nutrition is a necessity to keeping the body fit and maintained. Different choices are needed to help build muscle and maintain electrolytes within the body. Sleep becomes a necessary key to restoring and building the body during the teenage years a social life was the priority and not sleeping. Great harm could come to one’s body or teammates without proper rest during athlete training. The body is a temple for a soccer player, so any harm that comes to the body will be life changing for not only the player but the team as well.
As an individual becomes older, the better…

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