The Canadian Tradition Of Judicial Independence Essay

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In a Canadian society, the concept of justice is fundamental. The Canadian tradition of judicial independence guarantees that courts will remain open and accessible to all individuals and will remain transparent and free from government interference. The role of courts requires that they should be completely separate authority and work independently for continuing evolution of our democratic society. Other than the issues of delay and fallibility, there are many contemporary challenges that courts are facing. (Boyd p 165). The three articles, “Judicial patronage appointments”, “Women in the legal profession “and “Public confidence in the Criminal Justice system” discussed in this essay talk about these issues. Various polls and surveys had been done in the past two decades on these issues and those results are discussed in these articles. The “women in the legal profession” article explains, even twenty years after the launch of the Canadian Journal of women and law, the women lawyers are facing same contemporary issues. Similarly, judicial patronage appointments since 1988 had been part of the political organization in Canada and lastly, public confidence in criminal justice in Canada has not been changed a lot and is still. Public confidence in criminal justice is the most significant event in all democratic countries. In context to, the level of trust Canadians have in our criminal justice organization, various points have been brought up in the article. It is…

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