The California Disaster Center Statistics Essay example

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According to the California Disaster Center Statistics Online Web Site (2015), in 1990, California had a population of an estimated 29.7 million people, and about 3.9 million crimes. The categories of the crimes included in this statistical report were the following: violent crimes, property crimes, murders, forcible rapes, robberies, cases of burglary, larceny-thefts, vehicle thefts, and aggravated assaults. The Disaster Center has also provided us with statistics for the year 2014, which revealed a population of approximately 38.8 million and about 2.2 million crimes. In a 24-year span, we had an increased population of 9.1 million, yet a decline of crimes of 1.7 million. I believe that both local and state governments had an influence in the successful decreases of crime over the years, despite that ever-increasing rate of population in California. It logically follows that we cannot have an additional 9 million people living in the state of California and 2 million less crimes without some form of governmental regulation or control. I believe that these statistics prove that if the California local and state governments were exactly the same as they were a decade and a half ago, we should have had millions of more crimes in our state. However, the opposite is the case, since the statistics provided above imply some sort of governmental intervention. Such intervention may have had legislations and certain bills that may have affected California in various ways and in…

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