Essay about The British Won The War

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I think the British won the war because they had a superior military force under the leadership of man by the name of William Pitt. Along with the troops that were in the colonies, the British were able to make a comeback on a war that had almost lost in the beginning. From then on, the British had captured several French territories and strongholds, such as the city of Quebec. The French then became weaker and weaker as the British grew stronger and stronger. I think democracy is indeed stronger when Americans think of themselves as one whole nation rather than distinct groups of individuals because it reminds us that we should all have same goals and mindset if we all work together rather than each person being concerned about themselves only. Before the Revolution, there were different ideas and concerns that nation had. If everybody in the country desired only their interests and needs, rather than the people around them, that would then create a cloud of selfish and self-centered people, which in turn creates division. However, when we are all functioning on the same page and cooperate, it makes us a much stronger and focused people. Anything other than that leads to a confused and chaotic people. I think the only time a violent revolution should ever be justified is if whoever is the cause of the revolution is being oppressed and tyrannized, such as the American Revolution. The American people were being oppressed by the British 's harsh rules and regulations. Another…

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