Essay on The Bean Trees By Barbara Kingsolver

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In the novel The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, the main protagonist, Taylor, realizes the existence of kindness among strangers she has met in bitter society by finding her family in Tucson. Furthermore, she has acquired maternal qualities through taking care of her daughter Turtle and also through the influence of how others have treated her with friendliness. The novel begins with Taylor determining to move out from her hometown in Kentucky after realizing most of the young women around her age becomes pregnant in the end, which describes her initial character that does not regard friendly relations between strangers. Taylor then meets her daughter, Turtle, and shows images of unskilled mother that demonstrates her effort to act motherly towards Turtle. Taylor also meets Lou Ann and becomes surprised by the hospitality of her and other’s response to Taylor when she first came to Tucson, which implies that her barrier between strangers is beginning to demolish. Taylor’s maternal personality expressed its peak when Turtle nearly becomes kidnapped which portrayed the developed herself from the past. Finally, Taylor gains the right to be the legal guardian of Turtle and tells Turtle to “Let’s go home.” Through claiming Tucson as “home”, it portrays her realization of the value of family. Kingsolver uses the incidents that have occurred to Taylor to imply that families exist to help its members in crisis. Taylor’s initial character is described when she left her hometown…

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