Essay The Battle Of The Roman Empire

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Throughout Rome’s long history, a theme of territorial expansion can be seen. They wanted to become the greatest and most dominate power in the world. In the early stages of the Roman Empire, Rome was a small city-state that fought for territory and control over the Italian peninsula with several other city-states and tribes.
Rome had many enemies that it eventually overcame and conquered. One of Rome’s major enemies was the Etruscans who lived to the north of Latium, the region in which Rome was located. The Etruscans attacked many cities within Latium and those cities formed an alliance called the Latin League. Rome was not part of this alliance. Rome eventually came into conflict with the Latin League and the city of Alba Longa. Rome was able to secure victory at Alba Longa and integrated their population into its own. Rome had laid the foundation for a strategy that would allow them to eventually conquer the Italian peninsula; once they took over another city-state, the general population was given the chance to join and integrate into Roman society. The Latin league had no other choice but to recognize Rome’s power. Rome’s last king, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, was overthrown and he persuaded the Etruscans and Latin League to take a stand against Rome. The Etruscans were unable to take the city and were defeated. The Latin League lost to Rome at the Battle of Lake Regillus and was unable to deny Rome’s dominance anymore. Rome made sure of this with the Treaty of…

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