The Basic Teachings Of The Native Americans Essay

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This week’s readings were addressing the primal religions including those of the American Indians, African religions and other various primal religions. Information about these religions was not written and can only be an accumulation of archeological finds and studies of anthropology. Many of the religions of both the Native Americans and the Africans were based on their geographical location. The basic teachings of the Native Americans emphasize geographic space and their geographical space and natural environment. All things on earth, including what we refer to as living and even some geographic and geological features, can establish a relationship with human beings. This has been a source of conflict with the Euro-American population who do not share the same respect for nature. The Native American population endured genocide and many other atrocities at the hands of white settlers in the name of Christianity. The African religions are similar to the Native American religions in that they are too numerous to count and range from small groups of hunter-gatherers to large ruling empires. There is a common belief in most basic African religions in a single High God who no longer actively controls the everyday but has relegated these duties to lesser gods and goddesses. A goddess of fertility usually represents the earth. The ancestors are both revered and feared as they can bring great joy or great harm depending on how the living care for them. Communication…

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