The Assassination Of Malcolm X Essay

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For the purpose of this analytical essay, I chose analyze the events that led up to the assassination of Malcolm X. From my early childhood, Malcolm X was my hero. I remember making a puppet of him when I was 6 and presented his accomplishments to my first grade class. His legacy made me proud to be a Black Muslim. It was difficult for me to understand that he was assassinated by his own people. Malcolm X’s Assassination made me think. He was once the face of the Nation of Islam. The brought him up from the prison gutters and gave him the platform to elevate black people in America. How do you go from that to being responsible for his death? I believe that there were a many factors that lead to his death. But the main factor was feelings of betrayal on the part of the Nation of Islam. These feelings escalated and lead to his assassination. I don’t want to retail the life of Malcolm X in this essay. But I must highlight some of his life experiences to get my point across. Malcolm X was born Malcolm little to Louise and Earl Little on May 19.1925. I like to believe his father’s teachings stuck with him for the rest of his life. Earl little was a Baptist minister and a Pan-African activist. His role model was the Famous Black Nationalist and Pan African activist Marcus Garvey. Garvey’s teaching were circulated throughout the little home. He preached black pride and strength amongst his children. At the age of six, Malcolm’s father was brutally murdered by the white…

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