The And Teamwork : Generation Y Individuals Value Independence Just As Much As Teamwork

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ndependence vs Teamwork

Generation Y individuals value independence just as much as teamwork. Finding the right balance is highly important because working in a team gives the feeling that one is included and working individually gives the ability to grow professionally. In addition to this, this generation can work very well in groups. Yet, their parents also raised them with the mindset that they have to see themselves as unique individuals and taught them the value of individuality and individual thinking. This explains why the majority of Generation Y individuals constantly seek the right balance between independence and teamwork. (Hansen, n.d.), (Kane, n.d.) Employment expectations

This generation consists of individuals that value flexibility and are confident in taking important roles within organisations, meaning that they expect having important responsibilities and face realistic challenges. They will not hesitate to search for a new job elsewhere if the employer cannot provide them with such opportunities. Plus, they are ambitious, goal-oriented and believe that nothing is impossible (Gibson, 2013), (Hansen, n.d.). In addition to this, they do not want to have the feeling that they are working ¨for¨ a company but rather ¨with¨. They want to feel appreciated and valued, which provides them a high level of job satisfaction (Robertson Associates, 2013), (Hays, 2013). Authority

Generation Y individuals generally question authority because their…

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