The American Revolution And The Revolution Essay

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The American Revolution affected multiple groups of people who were living in the country during this period of time. All of these groups had different perspectives on how the American Revolution was going to affect them both during and after the revolution. The three different perspectives I am going to talk about in this essay are Whigs, Tories, and Indians. Each of these groups has a completely different view on how the American Revolution will change their world, depending on which side they support during the war.
The first group is the Whigs, which supported the independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution. In a document written by Benjamin Rush he talks about the ideas behind the Whigs and why they supported the independence. At the one part in the document Benjamin Rush talks about how the Whigs want to take part in the power behind the countries decisions (Week Ten Reading, 178). The Whigs at this point of time were tired getting no say in Great Britain’s government just because they were in another country so this was a huge point of the revolution. The hope was that after the American Revolution ended and they got their independence, then maybe they could have a say and more power in the new government that is formed. If a Whig member has a lot of say and power during the revolution, then those people know that they will gain even more inside of the new government. Benjamin Rush, also talks about how the Whigs had this expectation that if they…

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