The American Revolution And Road Of Independence Essay

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The American Revolution and road to independence was long, tedious and in no way simple. The process to get to fighting for independence started as nothing more than an attempt to get the King to listen to them, with no intention to get independence from Britain. Slowly it became about receiving justice, equality and freedom. As that progressed, so did the process of the Colonies becoming their own country with their own set of principles and laws. This progression did not end immediately after the war came to a close. As a new nation they had to establish what their beliefs as a whole was, what type of governing power they wanted, the best way to run this government, and what were the regulations of this government along with the regulations for the people. It is definitely an extensive and troublesome road. The founding fathers had a very burdensome job and a lot of responsibility. Their ideals were to create something that was different and better than what Britain had, something no other country really had. They wanted the power to be with the people, and the government to be for the people and to avoid having a King as their representative. This was a difficult process because there was not really any examples for the founding fathers to look for. They were responsible for creating the new United States of America. They faced many different problems on the road to the constitution, but eventually they were able to produce the document that is still in place over two…

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