The advantages of Scottish Independence outweigh the disadvantages’

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The advantages of Scottish Independence outweigh the disadvantages’

The fight for Scotland’s independents began as early as 1707. The devolution campaign in 1999 helped Scotland become more independent due to the powers that they were able to control, such as education and their ability to create laws that don’t affect the UK. However, devolution has left Scotland wanting more control and has got them pleading for independence. Their plea for independence has had more support then ever before and this has lead to a referendum on the 18th September 2014.
The debate to whether it would be more beneficial for Scotland to stay with the UK then leaving it is very big at this moment in time. One of the main reasons for why Scotland
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Scotland is the biggest wave and wind power producers in Europe and has 25% of the oil in Europe. The oil alone would earn the country 71 billion. These resources would make Scotland economically better and if they were to become independent they would become the 8th richest country in the world however, the oil will run out eventually so they cannot just rely on these resources also Scotland say they have oil to support them but the sea is Britain’s property and not just Scotland’s property and therefore if Scotland was to become independent they wouldn’t have anything (according to At present times, Scotland is taking out more money from Westminster then they are putting in. This means they wouldn’t be able to support themselves as an independent country. Also, Britain has huge debts that they owe to other countries and Scotland are partially responsible from some of the cost so for Scotland to depart from the United Kingdom would be unfair.
If Scotland was to become independent there would be a lot of confusion for the Scottish citizens as the country would have to change its currency if Britain doesn’t let them keep to the pound(£) currency, the citizens would also have to get new passports in replace of their British passports. All these changes would be very time consuming and be very expensive.
Another argument is ‘Is there any point of Scotland becoming independent if they are just going to join the EU

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