The A New Nation Will Be Guided By The Democratic Principles Essays

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Jehimy Sosa, POS 2041 (2015-2), Reference 884535, Island

The move to form our new nation will be guided by the democratic principles so that the citizens participate in formation of the government by electoral process. In setting the appropriate democracy, we will take into consideration the population size which is quite small consisting only of around 10,000 people. We will select the democratic system that can be served sufficiently by the small number of people and at the same time ensure equity in representation by considering the key feature which make up our citizens. We will put in place measures to ensure that the people’s representative sufficiently carry out the functions of the government among the citizens. We will put the necessary structures and measures in place to ensure that the new formed government is able to carry its purposes. In order to govern this small Island and its population effectively, we propose we set up direct democracy kind of government with an annual rotational head of state. The government will be made of people with equal rights representing the entire population of 10,000 people. In order to serve all people equally, we will divide the island into four administrative parts of equal land mass and population. This implies that a random and homogenous group of 2,500 people will make one administrative region. To represent them, each of the regions will elect three adult people to represent them in decision making. Based on that, a…

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