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Both Locke and Hobbes believe that people need a system of government to live properly and to have a working society. However, Hobbes believes that without a form of government, specifically a monarchy, humans would act like animals in a "state of nature", while Locke believes that humanity is born "equal and with natural rights" and are governed only because of their contract of consent and have the power to change the government if it breaks the people's contract. Locke's theory had a more direct impact on the American system of government as one can see his work and ideas in not only the Declaration of Independence, "life, liberty, and property", but also in how the American government works as a whole.
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The characteristics of American democracy are liberty, equality, popular consent, majority rule, popular sovereignty, individualism, religious faith, and religious freedom. I don't think that any of the characteristics should take place over one another. They all play a major role in what our government was built upon and should each be treated with equal respect and importance.


Three functions of government written in the Preamble of the Constitution are providing for the common defense, insuring domestic tranquility, and securing the blessings of liberty. These functions play a key role in American democracy because they embody the characteristics of American democracy discussed above. The main characteristic that these three functions embody is the idea of American liberty. Both providing for the common defense and insuring domestic tranquility deal with the liberty of safety. These functions provide protection for the people both abroad and at home. But the function of securing the blessings of liberty deals more with the liberty of ones self among the people. This liberty is the idea that one has the right to think and act however one desires.


A political ideology is the view and belief that an individual holds towards his or her idea of the purpose of government. A liberal ideology usually seeks change for the equality of the masses.

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