Tell Me About Your Self? Essay

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Tell me about your self?
I decided to wait to attend college and go job hunting instead, but I do plan on starting college as a part time student in 2017. Will start of with my core classes first and decide on my major later. I enjoy discussions about social issues and politics and furthering my knowledge on said things. I like technology escpecially computers, I like them so much i decided to build my own. I enjoye working with people and talking with them face-to-face, so keeping my career in the path of customer service is preferable to me.

Tell me how you handled a difficult situation?
I had a customer who wanted to purchase cologne out of our locked storage case. I went to fetch the keys but found they were not in their correct spot, so I asked all of the employees who would have the keys if they seen them. None of them could help me, so I called a manager to come use their master keys to unlock the case, reassuring the customer to please wait a bit longer and I would get what they needed. A manager came to unlock it but left before I could lock it back. The customer got what they wanted but know I had no way to lock the case so I paged for them but didn 't leave the cage unattended in the mean time. They never came so I waited and called around for another manager to assist me since the cage could not be left unlocked until she could retrieve the keys for me to lock it back.

The first time I encountered this one customer who comes into my current store quite…

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