Essay about Technology 's Impact On The Classroom

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Technology in a classroom
Technology has become a vital part in everyone live to today’s society, but the place where it has more of an impact is in the educational settings. There are many advantages and disadvantage of technology in an educational setting. Technology has taken over this planet and it seems that every school in the United States seems to be switching to the new era where ipads, gadgets, and laptops seems all but a norm in a regular class setting. Society seems to be fascinated by the new technological advances we had in the last couple of years and how it keeps on improving. Technology in a class helps motivates the students. Technology helps them learn from their own point of view and different points as well. Being born in 1991 I went through a point in time where technology wasn’t the best, and over the years it kept improving dramatically from chalk boards to smart boards and from books to computer, from having to memorize formulas to just having to type everything on a calculator and it does it for you; technology always seems to make the work doable and less time consuming and has the students willingness to work with technology as oppose to a normal classroom setting of boring lecture which seems to put student to sleep. Using technology can better inform and prepare students to what they can expect from the real world
Technology that is meant to be use in class room can be very beneficial for the students. Since most children in today’s generation…

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