Technology And The Generation Of Our Eyes And Our Minds Are Filled With Noise

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With a world so consumed with technology and the millennial generation who spends hours a day looking at a screen, how do we ever notice people around us? We rarely look up at bus stops, and if we do, there is typically music playing in our ears and our minds are filled with noise. When do we start conversations with people we do not know? Enter: Tinder - an app used mostly among single - some dating - millennials that is known for connecting people in an area. The app has developed a stereotype for becoming a way to “hook-up”. Hooking-up can be defined as any sort of physical contact, often kissing or even intercourse. According to Business Insider, the app has an estimated 50 million users every month (Shontell; 2014) and 83% of those people are between the ages of 16-35 (Freier; 2015). So, if a majority of people is using the app, why is it something people hide or lie about to their friends? Not everyone who is on Tinder is on it to get laid.
I personally have found that there is a lot of judgment among my peers when it comes to using the very popular app. It was first brought to my attention my sophomore year. After ending a long-term relationship and being single for a few months, I decided to download the app my best friend told me was a good way to meet guys. I logged on, made an account, and began swiping. Eventually, and inevitably, one of my good guy friends from camp, Will, came across my screen. Finding it funny and a bit ironic, trying not to drop…

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