Teaching Writing And Language Arts Essay

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Writing, and language arts are one of the most influential and creative subjects in school. Writing allows for students to think outside the box, they can take their ideas and thoughts and share them with an audience. Teaching language arts however, is difficult because there can be so many abilities in a classroom, and to make sure everyone is getting the academic knowledge they need. Another problem as stated by Routman (2005) is “one of the toughest parts of teaching writing is that, we teachers haven’t had many positive writing experiences in our own schooling.” The biggest thing that I want to make sure I do when teaching writing and language arts in the future is having a positive attitude toward it. Teachers are models for students, and so if the students see the teacher finding writing, reading, and other parts of the language art curriculum to be entertaining, enjoyable, and educational, students will be more likely to be engaged in it.
If I could choose the grade I would want to teach, it would probably be first grade. It allows for me to be a positive male role model for students, and allows for more open creativity with illustrations still being a useful aspect of the writing process. The framework for first grade begins with setting high expectations and achievable goals. Students can not become bored, or uninterested in language arts, but also can’t be overwhelmed, so finding a balance is essential and one of the first things that need to happen. The…

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