Teaching The Perfect And Ideal Conditions Essay

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Teachers are versatile, not only in subject but in job requirements. Over the course of my fifteen plus hours of observing I found one thing that stuck out most often each day, a teacher’s job is of course to teach, but also learn each day. The degree only will take a teacher so far, educational classes teach the basics, and provided the guidelines to help students turn into teachers, but it is not matter of hours or training that makes a teacher great, it is the ability to adopt. Again, not to just subject matter, or every changing state requirements, or even the administration 's own rules. The adaptation that is most profoundly important is how a teacher communicates with each student. The book teaches the perfect and ideal conditions, with a simple “get them back on track” to help teachers deal with rowdy students. Not once in my hours at the school did I see the book’s perfect world, I saw real human interaction, and real student teacher communication and learning. Observation hours were created not to allow people to become teachers, but rather to test those people who wish to be a teacher on if they can handle the environment and requirements of an educator. One of the most important things for teacher candidates to understand, as well as something I saw in my hours was the diversity in students. There are “over 13,000 [ESE] students within Volusia County Schools” (My Volusia Schools) and this means a teacher in a public school will most likely have a few ESE through…

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