Teaching Styles And Hours Of Homework Essay

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As a new student in a new place you will be facing many challenges. Your highschool did what it could to help prepare you for the challenges of college and now it is up to you to take an active role in your education. That being said, you will be thrown into classes with all new teachers and be expected to navigate all their different teaching styles and hours of homework. All it takes is a quick glance at your syllabus in practically any class to see that the bulk of your assignments this year will be written, be it essays or lab reports, discussion posts or article reviews. Some of you will see this and think to yourselves; “ok, essays. I’ve written essays, no big deal.” And some more of you will see that the second week of classes you have a three page essay due and feel the little frizzly pop of your brain cells exploding, But it is ok because this is specifically written for you. There is a place that you can go that will meet you where you are and help tackle your anxiety, show you how to play on your own writing skills, and knock out your writing assignment. The Margaret H. Ordoubadian Writing Center strives to be a place where anyone can come to become more comfortable as a writer, and if you are willing to take the time to go to them it will easily be one of the best decisions you make on campus. As The Margaret H. Ordoubadian Writing Center says in it’s mission statement, the Center exists “to foster independent writers who are capable of recognizing and…

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