Teaching Style And Strategies For A Class Essay

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As an effective teacher, I believe that students have different learning styles and needs based on their diverse backgrounds. The population demographics of our country are changing. By 2050, the growth rate of population of Hispanics and Asian Americans will be more than white population. Students are highly depending on technology tools and gadgets. At the beginning of each semester I ask all my students to take a 56 question quiz online at http://www.literacynet.org/mi/assessment/findyourstrengths.html to identify students ' multiple intelligence. I instruct the students to be as realistic as possible on the quiz. The results will be consolidated and analyzed in planning my teaching style and strategies for a class. To meet the needs of spatial learners I include cross word puzzles and surveys in my teaching. In my vocabulary list I give multiple options to students for completion of tasks. Some of them are write a poem, create an original rap song, make a collage, and many more to meet the needs of musical and interpersonal learners. I give an option of working by themselves, or groups of two (one on one), or small groups to students to meet their diversities. To meet the needs of kinesthetic students I give 2 minute breaks for every 30 min and ask all the students to walk around in the class room. These students will also be given a chance to work on the board. Showing educational videos, playing educational songs, including graphic organizers, Venn diagrams, and math…

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