Teaching Strategies : Ms. Burns Essay

1204 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
This book is telling a story that a large majority of us are a part of, but wouldn’t even know it unless we took the time to read the book. The story is how a large amount of people for a variety of reasons, did not properly learn and retain information in crucial math classes growing up. Throughout my schooling I can remember facing many of the teaching strategies that Ms. Burns credits as being what created such a large group of people with a lack of understanding for math. Activities like timed quizzes and worksheets in grade school which intended for students to perfect what we had been learning based on memory and simply practicing procedures, often made us produce the answer with little understanding of the reasoning behind the process and the answer. A more interactive and relatable method where students work on problems that are creative and comparable to daily experiences, as Ms. Burns suggests, could be the key to creating an overall better understanding and ability to make sense of the material. Ms. Burns is using the book to try and reach out to students, in hopes that she can show us that we have the ability to understand connections in the material we are studying and pick apart the vital information to master the material. While she is also reaching out to parents and teachers who play a main role in our education, she is trying to show how much of an impact she feels her more hands on, creative, and relatable approach can have on the success of students in…

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