Essay Teaching Strategies For Teachers ' Pedagogical Strategies

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I remember twenty years ago, beginning my teaching career, feeling overwhelmed with all the new teaching strategies I was learning. Every time I would hear a new strategy I would want to implement it in my classroom immediately. As I reflect back on those early days of teaching, I realize I did not have the background of information I needed to implement the strategies appropriately. My first several years of teaching were “hit or miss” while searching for the most effective teaching strategies to motivate my students. I work in a district that implements innovative techniques that support the teachers’ pedagogical strategies. It is essential that teachers try new methods of teaching that support instructional values, but I feel that we focus more on the new ideas more so than the purpose of the lesson. As a teacher, effective instruction is crucial in understanding the reason behind teaching the state standards effectively while motivating students. Motivated students in an academic setting will attempt the task that is set before them. Research states, “Value x Expectation = Motivation” (Cushman, 2014, p. 18). This equation brings the importance of the social and humanistic perspective for my classroom community. I value the uniqueness of each individual student. Together with my students, we set various goals that align with our academic task; therefore, clear and concise high expectations are set for each student. Research states, “key factors in successful efforts…

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