Teaching Skills For A Job Position Essay

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This perspective is one I wholeheartedly agree with. Having been in a hiring position previously, I can relate to wanting to hire an individual with the right mindset over someone with the right skill set. While the right skill set is important, skills are easier to teach. A person 's mindset is not fixed but it is much harder to change. The education system is largely designed around teaching skills. The soft skills, i.e. mindset, is something that is developed along the way. I personally would much rather higher someone who has the right mindset and lacks skills, than someone who has all the right skills but lacks the proper mindset.

During my tenure with my previous employer, I had an employee who had all of the right skills. She had many years of experience and the ability to excel in the role. Unfortunately, her mindset was where she struggled. She was perceived as a very negative and challenging person, to the point that even good ideas were not heard because she complained so much. She was eventually let go because of her negative influence on those around her. She is a good example of why a person 's mindset is more important than their skill set.

A key feature and very important part of the "Model of Authentic Becoming" is the creation of a personal development plan. In this course, we are asked to do the same in our course project. In order to create this plan, we have to do a lot of self-reflection in order to evaluate our level of competency in various…

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