Teaching Religious Doctrine And Education Essay

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Elementary schools- The curriculum was altered in numerous ways through the 1800s. Instead of teaching religious doctrine, students were taught morals, manners, how to behave themselves, and develop good character. Many alternative subjects such as history and geography (1850), physical education, visual art, and science (1875), biology, zoology, music, manual training and home making (1900) were added to the curriculum. Secondary schools- were tax-supported schools and permitted the establishment of high schools. Around the 1800s academies were used to substitute Latin grammar schools and high school began.
The Transitional Period (1893-1918) From the colonial period to the 20th century, the traditional curriculum led elementary and secondary levels of education. More subjects were implemented in the curriculum, therefore, they needed to be organized and unify within the curriculum.
Committee of Fifteen- The primarily objective of this committee was to maintain the traditional curriculum in school systems. They opposed the idea of implementing new subjects into the curriculum and believed that student’s needs and interest should not be considered when planning the curriculum. Committee of Ten- 9 subjects were listed in the curriculum and students were divided based on the choice of attending college or not.
William Harris (1834-1926) and Charles Eliot (1835-1909)-The shared a conservative view on education. Harris focus was on the traditional curriculum while Eliot…

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