Teaching Profession At The Primary Age Level Essay example

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Every profession entails particular roles within its boundaries; set in place to expedite a sense of order allowing the accomplishment of the professional objectives, of the organisation in question, by the proficient. Even through the ever-fluctuating period of the 21st century, which holds a change for the educational system, there will always be particular goals within teaching that will generate the desired learning outcomes from pupils across a wide spectrum. This assignment examines the particular roles and responsibilities that are established within the teaching profession at the primary age level, reflecting upon the Teacher’s Standards appointed by the department for education. The main areas of observation, within greater depth, are Teaching and Education, Assessment and Professionalism amongst teachers and their students.
Amongst the vast roles and responsibilities experienced within the teaching profession, one always stands the course of time - the education of the students, the imparting of knowledge by a proficient that will benefit future generations. It is important for Primary School Teachers to have a solid knowledge base within their arsenal of skills; that does not necessarily have to stretch across a wide spectrum, but rather delves into great depths and accompanied by a high degree of confidence. (Arthur, J Cremin, T, p100 Chap 2.4, 2014) This can also be reflected within point three of the Teachers Standards, to 'Demonstrate good subject and…

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