Teaching Oversea For A Master Degree Essay

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The journey of understanding my self has begun when I started studying oversea for a master degree. Fortunately, I have chosen the managing self and relationships unit in my second semester. The unit is just beyond my expectation. I would have never thought that the material we learn in class could be applied in our life. Students are instructed to choose some topics or instruments that would probably the most effective for their selves. In my view, I prefer to use VIA Strength Inventory which will enable us to identify our strengths. I refer my preference to Buckingham (2001), Harter, Schmidt et al. (2002) explain that a company could get an efficient performance by giving effort in managing employee’s strengths rather than weaknesses. While the definition of Character strength refer to Park, Peterson et al. (2004) is good behaviour and feeling of someone that becoming someone’s characters. Therefore, the instrument would be useful not only for personal but also for employers to identify what sort of development program could be implemented to improve employees’ performance. I like the instrument because it is quite simple to use, I simply answer some questions through http://strengthschallenge.com/. The questions are regarding my behaviour during the work or on any particular day. After finished filling in the questionnaire, we will get the result sent to our email. The report is about three pages describing our strengths list from the most potential to less usual…

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