Teaching Model Used By A Teacher Essay example

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The choice of teaching model used by a teacher varies depending on the learning theories that each teacher has been exposed to in the course of their training. In conjunction, teachers develop ideas and beliefs about how they are supposed to approach the issue of making children learn. Some use what they have been taught throughout study in order to form their own opinions on how to approach literacy development among students, while others use different theories by different theorists (Luke, 2012). As it goes then, it can be argued that there is no one best reading model that should be adopted by each and every teacher due to the different opinions held by each individual, on what is best for a class of students. However, with the rising literacy demands in the 21st century, there is a need to choose an appropriate and standard reading model for students. This should be one which will enable them to grow their literacy skills everyday, whether inside or outside the classroom. Students of the 21st century need to be problem solvers and this can only be achieved by gaining a high level of creativity and independence. It is these concerns that have prompted the research on reading models, with the aim of finding the most suitable for addressing the literacy demands of this century. (Gowdy, 2015). Back in the 20th century, a simple vocational training could earn a well-paying job such as a mechanic, as the job market was not well supplied…

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