Teaching Methods, Classroom Management, And Education Essay

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Many of today’s education techniques and practices are outdated, and if America seeks to thrive in the 21st century our understanding of schooling and education should to be redefined. This paper puts forth proven concepts that would improve the elementary school experience in the areas of attending school, nature of learners, curriculum, instructional methods, classroom management, assessments, and being a professional teacher in the community. Education is society‘s tool, and using that tool competently can shape our nation’s future. By using various philosophies, teaching methods, and classroom design, teachers can be more successful with students.
The Schooling Environment Having a longer school day with later hours would allow teachers to spend more time on topics where they feel students are not grasping the material as presented.. Mary B. Walker and her colleague Mark D. Anderson recently did a study on the effects of having a shorter school week with longer hours. Their study showed that students improved in math and reading scores by adopting the four day school week when compared to school with traditional schedules (Anderson D. M., et al., 2013). Attending school should not feel exhausting for students and lessening the amount of days attending may allow for students to feel less anxious about learning.
Teachers must be aware of each student’s ability, as every child learns differently; educators will have to employ proven and effective classroom management…

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