Teaching Mathematics And Three Strategies For Managing A Classroom

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Children are the future. That’s what almost every teacher replies with when asked why they started to teach. I felt the same way so I decided to do my internship at Sunshine Elementary School. I interned in a second grade classroom and got to experience other parts of elementary education as well. During my time at my internship I was determined to learn two strategies for teaching reading, two strategies for teaching mathematics and three strategies for managing a classroom. I met each goal in the time I spent at Sunshine and most importantly, I decided on whether I felt capable to teach second grade or not.
Reading is one of the most essential skills in the human repertoire. However, teaching it can be harder than it seems, especially to young kids. Luckily, teachers have reading strategies that encourage students to learn and make the process easier and during my time at Sunshine Elementary School, I was able to observe some of the strategies used and documented two of them. One of these strategies is the well known AR system. By creating a goal for students and allowing them the option to choose the books they get to read creates motivation and excitement for the kids. The AR system also has levels in which children can begin at one level and move up when they are ready to. This is a way for them to become accustomed to higher levels of literary comprehension at their own pace. Another strategy used to encourage students to read was SunTime. During SunTime some of the…

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