Teaching Kids With Disabilities Is Something I Haven Essay

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Teaching kids with disabilities is something I haven’t really thought to much about it. new for me as an observer watching a teacher who deals with special needs kids. This was my first time and it made me see what I want to do dealing with my education. I also like how Mr. Nancy taught and treated this disable kids as they were her own. I enjoyed being in that kind of a setting seeing what actually goes on in a class such as the one I saw on Wednesday April 15, 2016. Disabilities is hard enough to deal with at any age and these children along with Mrs. Nancy does a fine job. All of what Mrs. Nancy does and outs up with is not easy and most of us would not be able to handle such stress. Now she does not do it all alone at times, but has help form two helpers and subs as needed. Shining Start Head Start makes it a point to allow teachers as much help when assistants are needed. Assistants of any kind are welcome at most daycares, schools, and special education institutes for kids with disabilities. The was present as I sat and looking at Mrs. Nancy classroom with all het students
Students who each have their own personalities and behaviors. I love seeing how the kids interacted with each other and what they learned through teaching from Mrs. Nancy. The question I found based on my time at Shining Stars daycare was what do these students especially the disable get out of school. My answer came about as I watch the way Mrs. Nancy communicated and taught hers students. She…

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