Teaching Is The Most Tedious Career Essay

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Teaching is the most tedious career to enter in my opinion. It involves leading students into the right direction and hoping they follow along, but there are also some tactics that detour educators from entering, unequal rights and discrimination.
I wouldn’t have ever imagined that teaching would be something that I would be interested in, but working in inner city Tampa Schools, and being that I attended inner city Tampa schools, teaching is something that I look forward to doing. Although, I am a communications major, teaching does not require a degree in education (Statistics). As long as I have a bachelor’s degree, I am able to teach any grade that I desire, but some schools, such as private schools, require a specific subject degree (Statistics B. O.). Although I wouldn’t need a degree in education, there are some licenses, certifications, and registrations that I would have to hold to teach. Teachers are required to complete a teacher preparation (like an internship) in order to teach in a classroom (Statistics B. O.). This internship is usually teacher driven. To be a teacher it takes patience and resourcefulness. Teachers deal with different students, from different places, and different backgrounds. Not all students learn the same, and patience is the key while trying to educate. Educators also have to find different easy to teach considering that not every child learns the same. There are many different types of teachers from elementary school, middle school, and…

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