Essay on Teaching Is Not A Profession

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Teaching is not a profession to be taken lightly. So many times I have heard the saying “Those who can, do; and those who can’t, teach.” This is an old idiom that has been changed from the original quote in George Shaw’s Man and Superman, used to belittle teachers, but the truth could not be more opposite (Naini, "NBC"). Teaching requires constant effort and change. A teaching position is not for someone who is in the job for the money, but for someone who has the passion and commitment it takes to teach. People choose to become teacher for many reasons. These could be because they love a certain subject and want to share that love with others, because they had a bad experience in that subject in school and want to keep that from happening to another individual, or any number of other reasons. I chose to teach because it has been something I have always cared about. I have had many wonderful teachers who have influenced me throughout my education, guiding me into the career path that I have chosen.
In the classroom the teacher sets the tone. The teacher creates the classroom environment. If the teacher demands respect, respect is what he/she will get. The teacher sets the tone for how they day and even the year will go (Zhang, "Gold Star"). I will strive to always have a positive and engaging classroom because research has shown that a classroom with an atmosphere such as that helps to increase student learning. Many say that the atmosphere of the classroom, and the…

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