Essay about Teaching Is Not A One Way Street

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Teaching is a struggle. There are always questions as to what to include in a curriculum, what to cut out, and what is appropriate for students of different grades. However, more than that, it is a struggle for teachers to understand what is most important for them to consider in their approach to teaching. Should diversity be included? How should the class be structured (i.e. discussion or lecture)? How much freedom should I give the students? Each and every teacher around the world must consider an endless stream of questions. As a future teacher, it is important to being thinking about this early, in order to be ready when I finally enter the classroom. Therefore, with that in mind, this is what I believe. I believe education is a process made with both students and teachers. It is more than just a teacher telling students information and the students taking notes for the test, or at least it should be. It should be collaborative. Teaching is not a one way street. Students give as much as they get. Every day in the classroom is a new adventure that must be approached with care and gusto. Teachers are not all-knowing, and students have the potential to teach their teacher something new if they are open to that possibility. Rather than close myself off from my students thoughts and opinions, I hope to be open to them, willing to listen. I hope to understand that while I am the teacher, I can also be the student if I let that happen. In this way, I will also make them a…

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