Teaching Is A Highly Competitive Field Essay

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In accordance with it’s renowned quality, teaching is a highly competitive field. Universities have a two part entrance exam that tests for academic qualifications as well as looking to determine your personal suitability and motivation (Malinen, Väisänen, & Savolainen). Only ten percent, or one in ten, of prospective teachers are selected to move on (Carey). Once accepted into their chosen university, they are divided into different programs depending on whether they want to teach a core subject or a special subject. Those who chose a core subject are called primary teachers, and they usually prepare to teach and specialize either in grades 1-2 or 3-6 (Malinen, Väisänen, & Savolainen). The Universities pride themselves in continuously providing the soon-to-be teachers the opportunity to learn how to effectively teach every type of student while they are studying there (Carey). In 1979, it became mandatory that all Finnish teachers acquire their master’s degree (Malinen, Väisänen, & Savolainen). Fortunately for them, this is paid for by their government (The Finnish Phenomenon). In 2009, a law was changed and said that the Finnish universities were to no longer be controlled by the government. They are now “autonomous legal entities” (Malinen, Väisänen, & Savolainen) and are financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Ministry has the authority to control how many students are enrolled in each university. They do not allow them to enroll more…

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