Essay about Teaching History And The Consequences Of It?

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Teaching History and the Consequences of it? The first thing I had learned from this semester lesson history one was it is possible to say that as a lot of things: - The Columbus Journey, the fact of monuments and the truth about Thanksgiving day, Christianity and the slave time, the Atlantic and the 500 nations, the clash of culture, The time of revolution, sex trafficking and the life of the womanhood new enslave system, civil war and the case of the reparation, birth of the nation, and American independency. According to, the chapter eleven from the book “ Lies my teacher told me” by James w. Loewen, under the title “Why is history taught like this? To answer for this question’s, it is better to see different directions as well as the perception of the of the teacher’s selective materials, the final goal of the responsible college or university or the information giver institution why would like to be taught the students like this histories?, or the strategy of the education policy curriculums of the United States of America , to answer these questions would be depends on the above hypothesis. For example, as my understanding, history taught us/me to know very much the history of the nation as well as to respect the history makers and the citizen too. One country history was the history of the present families so I learnt or understands about the people of America history. However, I found from this reading chapter, why is history taught us likes this? From…

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