Teaching For Conceptual Understanding Of Science Essay

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According to Richard K Moran, and Page K, in “ Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science”, conceptual understanding is one that is consistent and compatible with scientific knowledge or language of science accepted by the scientific community, not language of incorrect terminology or everyday life used by nonscientists that has different meaning. It is agreed between educators at the present time that students come to school and they have ideas and interpretations does not correspond with what scientists reach of acceptable ideas. Such ideas and interpretation called children’s ideas, alternate conceptions, or wrong understanding. Such understanding is not compatible and consistent with appropriate conceptual understanding.

Misconceptions and wrong ideas features are summarized in its resistance to change, coherence and stability and penetration in individuals’ cognitive structure, and the difficulty of disposal even with using ways of teaching designed to do so. Because new ideas is highly tied to individual’s existing cognitive structure, wrong concepts affect the subsequent learning and make it difficult to see the image more comprehensive, or aware of any links between the scientific concepts, thus, apply them in an effective way in daily life. Some studies aimed to identify students’ understanding for concepts and ideas have shown common wrong concepts and find difficulties to understand them such as energy, reparation,…

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