Essay on Teaching Electives Over Technology Classes

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Imagine walking into a school where the only requirement for every person is it must challenge us. Currently there is a debate of whether schools should choose art electives over technology classes. The Argument for Arts over technology is that the students already learn all of it on their own so there is absolutely no need to teach it. The Argument for Technology is that it is much more relevant for functioning in todays world. The necessity for both Arts and Technology holds true, so instead of posing the dilemma forcing one off the list of options, cut other resources. Education as a whole needs a different model, philosophy and methodology that include challenging the students, allowing self-expression and giving the students real-life skills.
The truth is most of our world is largely intertwined with computers, but somehow only 1.4 percent of students took the AP Computer Science Exam last year. By 2020 there will be a 500 Billion Dollar shortage in Computer Science Majors, High Schools and Job selection have a direct correlation. Computer literacy is just as needed as Reading literacy if the pursuit of abundance is wanted for the nation. The Nations that invest their resources in increasing capability and knowledge the better the country will do all around.
Peel away the technology and there is a designer who designed it. Arts in some form are uncapping the mind and allow a person to take on a shape that has never been placed before. Specifically the benefits in music…

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