Essay on Teaching : Becoming A Professional

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I have decided to apply for my first teaching position. “All teaching involves working closely with students, but how we interact with them and the challenges and rewards we’ll encounter differ significantly from level to level”, Kauchak, D., &Eggen, P. (2008). Choosing a School. In Introduction to teaching: Becoming a Professional. (5th ed., p. 535). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: PH/Merrill/Pearson. Prior to deciding to pursue a teacher working with Kindergarteners, I weighed out both the advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher. Therefore, I understand that there are several rewards and challenges a teacher will face. In the following paragraphs I will explain three rewards and three challenges that I will face as a teacher. First, I would like to share the rewards that I look forward to facing as a teacher and then later in my essay I will explain the challenges. Teachers that are successful have a passion for what they do and try to spread that passion with others. Therefore my desire to positively influence the lives of my students would be my first reward. Enjoying interpersonal interaction would be my second reward when I become a teacher. Also, being appreciated is a reward that I look forward to facing when I become a teacher. I will now explain why these are rewards. First of all, being a positive influence on my students’ lives is a reward in itself because I am passionate about teaching and desire to work with young people. I desire to work with young people…

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