Teaching At Faith Outreach Independent Baptist Church Essay

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I teach Sunday school to children in the ages of 5-12 to keep the children 's excited about learning. I integrate fun with learning the Sunday school lessons so that my students will be eager to learn and have fun while doing it. Teaching in Oklahoma City at Faith Outreach Independent Baptist Church and have been in this role for 3 years. Because of a lifelong passion for teaching children is the reason why I teach Sunday school. When I was a child and people would ask me what I want to do when I grow up and would respond by telling them that wanted to become a teacher. And people would commend my goal because of the passion and patience that I possess when it comes to dealing with children.
The people who are involved are me, my Sunday school class and the rest of the congregation. My role and responsibility is clearly stands out from the other teachers because I work with the children, which takes much effort to keep them attentive. I have to work harder to break the bible down at a level that they can understand. While the other teachers have the teenager and adults who have experience being in a class much longer.
Within my role in the church, I am very deeply involved not only with teaching the lesson additionally assists the Pastor with organizing the topics for the Sunday school future lessons by going through my bible which is highlighted with my notebook and jot down the scriptures that I believe will be appropriate to be one of the lessons. The method I use to…

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